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PRIVATE SESSIONS: Either face to face or on Skype, these weekly sessions are designed to work on and strengthen your natural resources and abilities. Through a combination of several healing and breathing techniques, visualisations, guided meditations and intuitive method, these sessions recreate an inner journey into self-healing.

WHAT YOU GET: Immediate relief for conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety heartbreak, low self-esteem and general well-being. Healing techniques to enable permanent growth with practical self-healing tools that you can use in the future without supervision or help. Learning the ability to apply the same or similar methods to others. Discover your healing and leadership abilities.

WHY DO I DO IT: The sessions are designed to have an effective and immediate effect in someone's healing within a short period of time. The intention is to facilitate tools and techniques for self-healing and permanent growth, as well as helping healing in others. It is much easier that one believes to offer immediate relief and healing to others.

  • Individual questions £10
  • Spiritual readings £25 (Currently 2 readings for the price of one) VISIT PAGE
  • Energy healing from £30
  • Low cost sessions    £30  (Limited spaces and 1 hour only)
  • Guidance, healing or life coaching sessions from £40 to £100
  • Relationships and dating advice from £40 to £100
  • Relationship counselling  £90
Book your free 15 minutes consultation. 

COMING SOON: A Course in Healing

Services include: