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My new book is available on Amazon Now.

This book is a journey through the all the phases of heartbreak, exploring its unknown or unperceived origins, and how it affects a person throughout life, influencing thinking, behaviour, personal choices, relationships and in particular the hurt after separation. It offers a simple, practical healing method with practices easily adaptable to everyone's experience, taking the reader to the liberating moment of letting go. It is also an examination of the stage of being in love, and how by listening to the call of the soul, anyone could live in a permanent state of bliss. 

Almost imperceptible, heartbreak already lies in everyone's heart waiting to be revisited and reproduced time and again with the purpose to open the heart to its full potential and to universal love. Understanding its origins and its reality is essential in the healing process. Without this knowledge, heartbreak may cause mayhem in someone's temporary experiences, but also through the entire length of their lives. 

The flexibility of the method and examination of heartbreak in this text makes it a suitable reading for anyone regardless of their current situation or marital status. Whether someone is at the stage of separation and heartbreak, single or in a relationship, this journey encourages personal leadership, so as to make of self-healing and art of personal expression and creativity. By going through the experience, making sense of feelings and emotions, the process turns into an adventure of self-discovery in which anyone can embody the art of being in love. 

However hurtful and complicated it might seem, the answers to understanding heartbreak are simple. Each new self-realisation allows you to move on a new, higher state of consciousness, and to a new feeling, as the heart opens to love again. Heartbreak is the beginning of an inner revolution that can only be healed through self-exploration. 

One never knows how deep they are until the take the plunge. This is an excellent opportunity to heal your heart and your life, to recognise the endless possibilities of the self, as well as enabling you to find out your true and incredible potential, so as to realise that you already are a being of love and in love.